I'm currently on Hiatus because the Obelisk War won't fucking end.

Hi you can call me Sin. This is a neopets side blog. My main blog is PHOENIXCALAMITY. I probably followed you from there. Image above by Alex!

I haven’t done my dailies in almost a month and

x Neopets x

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Pixel art of my Animal Crossing character :D Made by me!

This is totally not neopets but I am pretty happy with it so I thought I’d show my neotag friends.

Why is it the only time I can zap anything desert or eventide or faerie, it’s when I’m zapping for someone else?

I have lost every round of this war.

HEY these aren’t totally worthless like the regular brush right


tp link if you want it, lmk you’re from the tag for a discount

then what is that a picture of

so you can see in the first screen, i have 2 mootix and a larnikin from the reset of my habi right

in the second screen, there is only 1 mootix

the god of pinchits heard my prayers