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I also sometimes play Goatlings. Referral

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i have to pack up and move in 2 days again and this time i’m happy about it but i’m just too fucking tired

x personal x

So I got a job yesterday but I’m going to start and continue in extreme crunch time so I definitely won’t have time for neo and flight rising like I thought (I thought I’d have an overabundance of time and these would be excellent fillers) so I am going on a work related hiatus. Sorry lovelies.


when ur friends are cool and talented and ur just




'bout to get real dangerous!

x goatlings x


I am so into the Altador Cup in theory, but when it comes to playing I’m just like


❝ I fucking hate the altador cup ❞

- Me after I play one game (via ragefaceredhead)

please take my hand, take me under your wing and teach me all about flight rising because the site is down right now and i am itching to know everything i possibly can 

ps i chose arcane

hello my lovelies

i have been having an awful time this last week sorry i haven’t been posting





Can’t wait for the larnikins in my habitarium to go extinct

~follow for more anti-larnikin propaganda~



this picture gave me anxiety

It’s okay. immediately after taking this I corralled them back into their small rectangle to harvest mud


Pinchits 4 lyfe